Why Negative Thoughts Come in Mind?

We all love to think positive. We all love to believe in ourselves, do things which we want to do, make everyone proud, live an exciting life, a life full of dream and imagination. But there is something which is stopping it.


Today I am going to write about why negative thoughts come in mind.


What is a negative thought?

This is something which discourages a Parson to do something, not believing and destroys the positivity of our mind. It’s a way of thinking that reduces one’s expectation and more considered about the worst possible state of affair.


We often think of something very excellent or very creative, but for some reason, we get depressed and, lost hope or willingness for that thought. This depression, discourages, deprivation, demotivate thoughts is called ‘Negative Thought.’


Why Negative Thoughts Come in Mind?

Emma Seppala, an author, wrote in her book ‘The Happiness Track’ about why negative thoughts come in mind.


Quote of Emma Seppälä, The Happiness Track


“Think of how differently your interactions and productivity are when you feel stressed, sad, or angry versus when you are happy, relaxed, and grateful.”

― Emma Seppälä, The Happiness Track


It’s not our fault that the negative thoughts come in our mind, it’s by nature. There are two forces in nature one is positive, and another one is negative. The forces negativity is the main reason why negative thoughts come in our mind.


So there is no way of thinking that ‘I am a bad human being who always thinks.’


✓ In most cases, this thought comes from the lack of self-believing. When we don’t believe in our self or not confident enough the negativity comes in our mind.


✓ Sometimes it comes because of unhealthy life, illness, thinking ourselves not normal or abnormal.


✓ When about our failures, the negative thoughts come in our mind, and it hampers our day to day life and the way of thinking positive.


✓ Too much worrying also causes this kind of thinking.


✓ It comes from the lazy side of the brain which does nothing.


Important to realize that there have more reasons behind this negative thoughts but to reduce this negativity of our mind we have to know how to transformation positive affirmation in our daily life.

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