How to Stay Positive and Happy in Life

“None but a fool is always right” – David Hare

We made many mistakes in our life. And we regret behind these. I think we should think its experience, not a mistake. We learn from our mistakes.

How to Stay Positive and Happy in Life

How to stay positive and happy in life

Here I just write down an outline to remind you how to stay positive in life and bring your happiness.


Step #1: Create an optimistic outlook

In life, we have to act like a confident person. When we walk on the street that time, we boost our confidence and meet known people with a great smile. It feels more confident in living life.


Step #2: Great mind thinks about your improvement

Your body and mind are growing a great harmony. Exercise is a good one which creates a balance with them. And obviously, you have to take good healthy foods.


These exercise and healthy foods give you a peaceful night while you are sleeping. In that way, you will be the self-driven and self-motivated person.


Step #3: Accepting Criticize in a right way

There are lots of people who want to talk about yourself as critics. They find out our faults, our failure, and our mistakes.


Definitely, it’s hard to take criticism from others. Keep in your mind one thing, is this criticize creates value for you? If not then bring down it in your trash.


Step #4: Start your day in a positive way

It helps you to drive well your whole day. Focus on your positive vibe. Don’t think about negative statements. It brings you more happiness in your living life.


Step #5: Reduce your stress

Trust me; you did not need any medicine to release your worries. It’s all about your thinking pattern. Research suggests that in your daily routine you may add meditation to resilient your brain.


It is simple; you may lie on the floor straightly and take some slow breathing and reciting some positive affirmations like “Today, I am the happiest person all over the world.” or “I have positive thoughts and work with positivity.” Later then your body and mind would be more relax and peaceful.

Step #6: Express your feelings

Find out someone who is listening to your voice attentively. Then you may express your emotions. If you do not find anyone, then you will write down your diary.


You can write poetry to express your emotion. It is a great deal with your odd feelings. In that way; you feel more comfortable than previous.


To sum up, these will help you to stay positive and happy in life. I just write up some definite ways you may consciously follow these. Have a pleasant journey. Good Luck.

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