How to Create Your Own Brand Name

Have you ever thought about how to create your own brand name?

When we talk about Tony Robbins, who is a motivational speaker. He is an American Businessman and an author of self-help books. He builds himself as a businessman and an author. The name ‘Tony Robbins‘ when we hear at the first time, then our brain recall his participations of this planet. This terms called self-branding or own brand name.


Why is personal branding important?

In the modern age, Everyone wants to create self-branding. It is all about self-marketing. If you type your name and search on google, see some results concerning your name keyword that is called self-branding or digital footprint.


How to Create Your Own Brand Name

There are lots of benefits of it. Personal Branding creates lots of opportunities to get work. Branding shows your uniqueness of your individuality.


1. Build your credibility. When you get your clients credibility, you do more job of others. Self Branding to build your credibility.


2. Build you portfolio. It’s a showcase of your work which you have done previously. As a marketer, the portfolio is creating a great opportunity to get more work or make more money.


3. Connect your audiences. As a brand to push yourself to engage your audiences. Your career goal might be work with your targeted customer. So this is the way of you connect the world as well as your targeted people. So you need to maintain your profile on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


You may have a digital presence on the internet (keep a blog or a website of yours).
Tony Robbins :
Mehedii Hasan:


4. Differentiate you from competitors. Self-Branding differentiates you from the other competitors. It drives you to build self-confidence and to create value for your clients.


5. Build your Reputation. If you provide well service to your clients, then it will help you to grow your reputation in terms of individuals.


Your Turn!
In the finishing line, you need consideration and think of your brand name. Your name is promoting your career. Good Luck

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