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Hi, my name is Mehedii Hasan, I am a Writer and Blogger at And also an SEO Expert. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have done my Bachelor Degree from Daffodil Institution of Information Technology (DIIT) under National University in Bangladesh.


According to Wikipedia, Bangla is the seventh most spoken native language in the world. And I am proud to be a Bangladeshi. 🙂 You can visit Bloggermehedi, is my first Bangla Blog where I wrote many short stories, poems, and articles in the Bengali Language.


The primary objective of this blog is learning new things and share with my lovely readers. 🙂


Do you hear about Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)? This indicator based on basic human psychology (feeling, thinking, intuition, sensation). There have Sixteen (16) personality types, and they give some descriptions each and every personality types. Interestingly I am an ENFP type.


It stands for
Extraversion (E),
Intuition (N),
Feeling (F),
Perception (P)


It is easy to identify. Go to this link, take a quiz test. And know your type which you belong.


Next, This is most probably your first time visiting this blog. So I am going to outline about quickly my blog and how reading it can help you with your life. I write articles about Personal Skill Development. Such as:


Skills I Acquired


1. Keyword Research

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3. Content Writing

4. Content Optimization

5. Social Media Marketing

6. Adobe Photoshop

7. Video Editing (Corel Video Studio, Filmora)

8. MS Powerpoint, Excel


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